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Tue Dec 21 10:55:38 EST 2004

Katarina Hjärpe wrote:
>|He isn't *always* the key figure in DWJ's multiverses. A Sudden Wild Magic,
>|Howl's Moving Castle, Deep Secret and The Dark Lord of Derkholm all take
>|place in multiverses, though Deep Secret is the only one of those to
>|actually involve more than two worlds in the plot. Some of the Chrestomanci
>|stories *could* just as easily take place in those worlds. I think my
>|problem with Chrestomanci plot-wise (as opposed to character-wise) is that
>|his nature is to A) come when you call him and B) be extremely powerful.
>|He's an insta-manci!

and deborah explained:

>My excuse for forgetting about the other multiverses is that -- *rifles
>through box of excuses* -- I was typing a novel with my toes and a
>ferret ran out of the typewriter and it startled me.

The ferret could have been carrying a note in its mouth that read:

Maybe there's a reason for not having the other multiverses filed along
with the Chrestomanci one in your mind.  The Chrestomanci multiverse is
of a slightly different nature from that of the others, in that it has a
finite number of worlds per series and is more contained/enclosed.
Unlike the *A Sudden Wild Magic* multiverse, human analogues in the
Chrestomanci multiverse can move from one universe/world to another
without killing one or other of the pair.  Unlike the *Deep Secret* and
*The Merlin Conspiracy* multiverse, it isn't apparently ordered by
degrees of magic in each world, ayewards and naywards.  Unlike the
*Howl's Moving Castle* and the *The Dark Lord of Derkholm* multiverses,
it has a clear "grey area" between worlds into which one may go in order
to select the world into which one will then move -- though Chrestomanci
does flit direct from one to another of the "worlds" in his multiverse,
it's clear that there is a sort of junction-place that is in none of the
worlds, rather than it being generally the case that one simply pops
from one world to another.  It's as if there is a central point at which
they all meet, rather than them being arranged for instance in a
figure-eight-on-its-side or being next to each other.

Each of the multiverses in DWJ shares some characteristics with one or
more other multiverse but lacks other characteristics, in other words,
so they are (eeeeek!) a polytope or sheaf of multiverses.

Something like that, anyhow.  Somebody else can probably run a better
explanation than that.

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