Deus ex machina

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at
Tue Dec 21 09:47:42 EST 2004

>I can see the lack of setup, although I think the Chrstomanci multiverse
>is integral to the plot.  I suppose any multiverse situation would have
>worked, but Chrestomanci is the key figure in DWJ's multiverses.  Which
>I think is what aggravates you, no?  :)

He isn't *always* the key figure in DWJ's multiverses. A Sudden Wild Magic, 
Howl's Moving Castle, Deep Secret and The Dark Lord of Derkholm all take 
place in multiverses, though Deep Secret is the only one of those to 
actually involve more than two worlds in the plot. Some of the Chrestomanci 
stories *could* just as easily take place in those worlds. I think my 
problem with Chrestomanci plot-wise (as opposed to character-wise) is that 
his nature is to A) come when you call him and B) be extremely powerful. 
He's an insta-manci!

>|I'm a bit surprised that someone who usually
>|forms her stories in such an intricate way can also give this "my 
head is
>|pastede on yay" feeling.
>And anyone who gets that reference is a big geek.

Thus I'm twice the geek for using it. :-)


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