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Tue Dec 21 05:37:05 EST 2004

Jenne Heise wrote:
>> By the way, did anyone else think that there was quite another story that 
>> *might* have been told about the Professor's house, a much more domestic sort of 
>> one, and feel a little cheated that we never found out any more about all 
>> those interesting rooms in it?

and the Knowledge Pika wrote:
>Hm... yes, sort of like the rooms in the house in _The Secret Garden_.

Between them and the castle in *The Princess and the Goblin* they have
given me a house I quite often visit in my dreams.  Either that or there
is a house somewhere in the Dreaming from which all these (and now I
come to think of it, the house Charles de Lint has as well) were drawn,
of which they are each a partial picture, and which I can somehow get
to. It has a library on two levels, with a sort of passage running
through it on one side that is a low bookshelf lower than the rest of
the room, and dark oak steps up into the main part of the room, which
has several tall windows on the far side, each with a window-seat
running round under it and heavy dark velvety curtains.  The rest is all
bookshelves, and there are things in them I never get to read when I'm
awake.  Last time I was there I was looking for something to read when I
went to bed, so I went to the paperback shelves and started to reach for
one to get down -- and it was a manuscript of *Sir Gawain and the Green
Knight*, about the size and shape of a Puffin, but when I started to
read, the words were just a little different from what I was expecting.

I can't remember what they were or where exactly the difference lay.

Sometimes I see bits of the rest of the house, too.  I know the front
door and the hall quite well, for instance, and the kitchen in the

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