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Tue Dec 21 05:23:08 EST 2004


>All my life I've been awaiting the horoscope that says
>"On friday all Gemini's will win the lotto with the
>numbers 16,17,18,19,28 and 42, you don't even need to
>buy a ticket. It is a bad day to be a ******* (choose
>some non-Gemini sign) as you will be hit by a Number
>480 bus on the Awaba Road at 11.36 on Tuesday. etc,
>etc. Alternatively a report on the news that one
>twelth of the popluation of the world fell down a
>manhole, while another twelth have just found the love
>of their life would convince me.

This made me laugh - but how cynical from one so young, Jon!  You're 
forgetting that a large proportion of that twelfth will already have 
found the loves of their lives, another large proportion will be too 
young, some will have devoted their lives to religion or science or 
reading and not have any interest in romantic love - and *some* will 
just have found the love of their lives but not know it yet. ;)

Bringing this (amazingly enough) back DWJ-wards, there might have 
been the most accurate horoscope ever about the life-changing event 
on the way the week I idly picked _The Lives of Christopher Chant_ 
off the shelves of the Dun Laoghaire library, but (even if I'd read 
the thing, which I wouldn't have) would I have had any way to 
understand the significance of the prediction?  Not likely.


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