characters who reverse images of good and evil

Juliette Curtis juliette at
Tue Dec 21 01:51:30 EST 2004

JKR said in an interview that she was trying to show that people who are 
good are not necessarily nice and vice versa. Snape is obviously good 
but not nice. (My favourite character!) In more subtle way, Fred and 
George are nice but not good. Some of their jokes and teasing go way too 
far and do real harm, although it's not always easy to see this because 
the jokes are usually presented from F and G's point of view. There was 
one incident where they pushed a boy into a vanishing cabinet and he 
disappeared for several days. When he returned, he had lost a chunk of 
his memory and was severely disoriented. In the same way, James Potter, 
Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black were nice but not good.

OK, OK, call me a heretic if you like. I hereby confess that I enjoy HP 
a lot. DWJ is vastly superior, of course!


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