Deus ex machina

Juliette Curtis juliette at
Tue Dec 21 01:44:45 EST 2004

Has there been any discussion of DWJ's use of deus ex machinas 
(machinae? What is the plural anyway?) to resolve her plots? I'm new to 
the list and don't know what has been discussed before.

Some of these are classic deus ex machinae that appear for the first 
time at the end of the book. Others have been present throughout the 
book but are suddenly presented in a different way at the end of the 
plot and then resolve the major problems of the other characters.

Here are some that I have noticed. I admit I might be pushing it a bit 
with some of them!

Chrestomanci -- obviously -- in CL, WW, MoV (if I remember right), the 
Sage of Threar, Carol Oneir's 100th dream.
Anscher in DLoD. He literally is a god.
Koryfos in DS.
Anthony Green in BM/AM
The furniture in WGRoAF
Mother Proudfoot in LoCC
Howard/Venturus in AG. This is an unusual one!
Various gods, kings and ghosts all over the Dalemark quartet.
The old wizard at the end of YotG. Can't remember his name. Policant?


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