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Mon Dec 20 23:42:01 EST 2004

> Oh, I don't necessarily agree. I can quite see that Lewis's humor isn't to 
> everyone's taste (neither is Nesbit's, for that matter), but there are plenty of 
> people who start to chortle just remembering the first line of _The Voyage of 
> the Dawn Treader_. 

*grin* I, for instance, demanded to be allowed to read Voyage of the 
Dawn Treader to my niece, while quoting 'there once was a boy called 
Eustance Clarence Scrubb and he almost deserved it.' My Narnia deficient 
friends looked at me askance and then were very amused.
> By the way, did anyone else think that there was quite another story that 
> *might* have been told about the Professor's house, a much more domestic sort of 
> one, and feel a little cheated that we never found out any more about all 
> those interesting rooms in it?

Hm... yes, sort of like the rooms in the house in _The Secret Garden_.

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