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Mon Dec 20 21:49:06 EST 2004

Helen wrote:
> about all those interesting rooms in it? And whatever happened, do you
> think, that the Professor had "suddenly become quite poor" between TLTWATW
> and VOTDT? Perhaps he sold the house and gave all the money to refugees or
> something.

That, to me, was one of the greatest tragedies of the books - the two
glimpses of the Professor's house (in TLTW&TW and TMN) were enough to
keep me entranced for life. It gave such a sense of security, to know
that such a house existed (rather like the reassuring dog, I suppose
:). Sales of old and beautiful houses - or any home - tend to leave me

And since I managed to get in a very oblique ObDWJ (does the Ob stand
for obligatory or oblique?), has anyone else who has read/is reading
Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell found it faintly reminiscent of Howl? In
a very distant but very good way? Not the length obviously, but
something in Strange's character (perhaps his ironic smile) and the
involvement of magic in warfare strike me as... well, not *like* Howl,
but as Howl might be if he were English and rather more adult, just as
A. might be Sophie mellowed into respectability.

A thought. And I haven't finished the book so it might all be
dispelled. But I find I enjoy reading aspects of Howl into Jonathon
(and vice versa).

Oh - and Empire magazine (Australian edition) contains a very brief
p/review of Howl.

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