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> But you have to admit that Oswald is much more humorous (not to mention 
> kindly) than Lewis. "as good as he can stick, only most awfully dull" 
> doesn't compare to the outright condemnation of the Scrubs. Even the name 
> is lighter in its satirical tone.

Oh, I don't necessarily agree. I can quite see that Lewis's humor isn't to 
everyone's taste (neither is Nesbit's, for that matter), but there are plenty of 
people who start to chortle just remembering the first line of _The Voyage of 
the Dawn Treader_. 

Anyway I think Lewis sort of sets you up for a Staying With the Awful 
Relatives motif and then -- whoop! It *isn't* that sort of story at all! I always 
rather liked that.

By the way, did anyone else think that there was quite another story that 
*might* have been told about the Professor's house, a much more domestic sort of 
one, and feel a little cheated that we never found out any more about all 
those interesting rooms in it? And whatever happened, do you think, that the 
Professor had "suddenly become quite poor" between TLTWATW and VOTDT? Perhaps he 
sold the house and gave all the money to refugees or something.

Helen Schinske
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