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>>> Another type is the Agricultural High School,
>> which
>>> have always been around, and are boarding schools
>>> usually in country areas. There is one of these in
>>> Sydney which is also a selective school and has
>> had
>>> the best name of any school in the State, public
>> or
>>> private (although a bit tarnished in the last
>> couple
>>> of years).
>> Best name in the state? Not if it's the one I was
>> appointed to as a first
>> year out in 1986. The recent investigations into the
>> poor academic standards
>> and the appalling "culture" of the school (students
>> and teachers) was going
>> on back then. I could tell you stories make your
>> toes curl.
>> Judith
> It still topped the state in HSC results in the League
> Table in Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald. I just
> think that its good to see some of the elite private
> schools having their dirty washing aired in public as
> well. Mind you I don't think that the excellent
> results produced by these schools (both public and
> private) have a lot to do with the schools themselves.
> It is just that if you take an elite group of students
> they will give an elite group of results.
> Jon

Ah! We're talking about different schools. Your original post referring to
boarding schools made me think it was an ag boarding school you were talking
about. The one you are in fact talking about is not a boarding school; the
one I referred to is (and generally doesn't make the top HSC schools list as
it "ought"). (Both are comprehensive government ag highs in Sydney.)


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