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> > We just don't feel like acting logical all the
> time. Do I think 
> > astrology is crap? Yes. Do I know my "sign"?
> Sigh......yes.
> After reading Jonathan Cainer (a very vague
> astrologer who surprisingly
> often manages to point out good advice on what ails
> me, even though I
> don't believe in astrology one bit), I fell into the
> Dirk Gently
> Astrology Hypothesis-- that he was writing for
> someone extraordinarily
> like me who he happened to know. :) I figure that
> reading astrology 
> columns of this sort is no more harmfull than
> reading those 'meditation 
> for the day' things, but I'm perfectly aware that
> I'm being illogical.
All my life I've been awaiting the horoscope that says
"On friday all Gemini's will win the lotto with the
numbers 16,17,18,19,28 and 42, you don't even need to
buy a ticket. It is a bad day to be a ******* (choose
some non-Gemini sign) as you will be hit by a Number
480 bus on the Awaba Road at 11.36 on Tuesday. etc,
etc. Alternatively a report on the news that one
twelth of the popluation of the world fell down a
manhole, while another twelth have just found the love
of their life would convince me.

Jon, who's starsign could be variously Gemini
(traditional), Taurus (actual) or Turnip.

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