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Mon Dec 20 14:05:19 EST 2004

The Knowledge Pika wrote:

>*giggle* I remember having a long-draw-out argument with my mother about 
>taking typing in summer school. My mother was afraid that being a woman 
>who could type would limit my career prospects. :)

My mother, married to a man who occasionally wrote gurt long academic
books, point-blank refused to learn to type. She said she didn't mind
running everything about the household for him so that his Genius could
remain Untrammelled By Daily Cares, but she was heartily damned if she
would also be an unpaid secretary/typist.

Someone I know who could type refused to admit to the skill when working
in a defence establishment on the technical side, because she knew very
well that if her bosses knew she could type, they would make her do all
their typing on the pretext that it was all of it classified material,
and save themselves the wage-bill for someone who had a high security
rating and could also type (but not do the tech stuff).

There are things to be said for being known to make terrible tea and
undrinkable coffee, too.

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