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Mon Dec 20 13:38:25 EST 2004

Minnow said...
> Anyone who's ever read any book in which some thing or other is
> condemned by the author or the viewpoint character as "vulgar" is likely
> to feel a bit got at as they read, if they happen to think the thing is
> perfectly ok.

Oh yes.

On a slight tangent, I saw Buckingham Palace for the first time last year, 
and my first thought was, " *middle-class*!"  The thought being 
inspired by the sight of net curtains at all the windows.  I had to laugh at 
myself as I thought it, but I did think it. :-)
>>I am pretty sure that Lewis was drawing on Nesbit anyway. Witness _The New
>>Treasure Seekers_: "Father knows a man called Eustace Sandal. I do not 
>>know how
>>to express his inside soul, but I have heard father say he means well.
> Ouch!

It's one of the worst things you can say of someone, almost, isn't it - that 
sort of pitying "oh well, he *means* well...".

> [note for anyone who doesn't happen to have met this: "eccentric" is a
> British euphamism for "stark staring loony but harmless".]

I've always thought of it more as "eccentric" equals "nutty but rich" - but 
maybe I read too much Georgette Heyer. :-)


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