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Mon Dec 20 13:33:07 EST 2004

Helen said...

> Why is it that Lewis gets all the heat for this kind of thing? Seems to me
> Nesbit could be just as nasty about sorts of people she didn't like, 
> buildings
> she thought ugly, etc.

Oh yes; she makes some awfully snippy remarks about the suburbs that were 
growing up then - she seems absolutely to have hated red-brick terraced 

> I can remember feeling downright guilty for thinking the
> dark red curtains she despised so ("the color that blood would not make a
> stain on" in Nurse's furnished lodgings at the beginning of _The Story of 
> the
> Amulet_) sounded rather handsome.

And I personally like Victorian red-brick terraces a lot - though I *can* 
see that they were probably their time's equivalent of the huge estates of 
three-bed semis that grew up here in the early 70s.

I think all writers (like all people) have their pet dislikes.


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