Subject: RE: characters who reverse images of good and evil

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Mon Dec 20 12:15:40 EST 2004

On Sun, 19 Dec 2004, Ven wrote:
|Jackie, the problem with your student's idea is
|that it's just plain wrong is it not?  It must be
|quite hard to deal with this without making the
|student in question feel an absolute fool......

I'd rather say "ignorant" and the solution is presting him with a
massive reading list and suggesting that if he's going to make
statements comparing HP with the body of literature, he should be more
familiar with literature as a whole.  Otherwise, he should feel free to
discuss the book on its own merits or compare it to a few specific

You gotta know the canon to diss the canon, you know?

-deborah, who knows the canon, and frequently disses it
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