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>I am pretty sure that Lewis was drawing on Nesbit anyway. Witness _The New 
>Treasure Seekers_: "Father knows a man called Eustace Sandal. I do not 
>know how to express his inside soul, but I have heard father say he means 
>well. He is a vegetarian and a Primitive Social Something, and an 
>all-wooler, and things like that, and he is really as good as he can 
>stick, only most awfully dull. I believe he eats bread and milk from 
>choice. ... All the walls were white plaster, the furniture was white deal 
>-- what there was of it, which was precious little. There were no carpets 
>-- only white matting. And there was not a single ornament in a single 
>room! There was a clock on the dining-room mantelpiece, but that could not 
>be counted as an ornament .,. When we were clean Miss Sandal gave us tea. 
>As we sat down she said, 'The motto of our little household is "Plain 
>living and high thinking." ' "

But you have to admit that Oswald is much more humorous (not to mention 
kindly) than Lewis. "as good as he can stick, only most awfully dull" 
doesn't compare to the outright condemnation of the Scrubs. Even the name 
is lighter in its satirical tone.


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