characters who reverse images of good and evil

Roger Burton West roger at
Mon Dec 20 04:36:34 EST 2004

On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 02:19:30PM +1100, Judith Ridge wrote:
>Isn't the reason none of the examples people are coming up with are exactly
>what Jackie's student is saying about characters in HP because in all these
>other books (and movies etc) there is complexity and ambiguity in the
>characterisations that is lacking in Rowling's villains? I am not going to
>over-generalise much, because I gave up in despair and disappointment after
>HP2, but the whole "nyah nyah, Snape's not a baddy after all, tricked you!"
>of HP1 was one of the (many) things that made me want to hurl the book
>across the room. (Only I didn't because I venerate The Book even if I loathe
>the book...) I thought it was a cheap trick and not even worthy of the title
>"red herring". 

Oh, well in that case, Georgette Heyer's _Regency Buck_ - we have a
good-appearing-bad and a bad-appearing-good, though in both cases the
"good" is somewhat arguable. It was her first Regency, and she seems to
have tried to make it into a detective story too...

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