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Ven vendersleighc at
Sun Dec 19 22:48:55 EST 2004

Helen wrote
>Why is it that Lewis gets all the heat for this 
kind of thing? Seems to me 
>Nesbit could be just as nasty about sorts of 
people she didn't like, buildings 
>she thought ugly, etc.

Minnow (I think) wrote
<Anyone who's ever read any book in which some 
thing or other is
condemned by the author or the viewpoint 
character as "vulgar" is likely
to feel a bit got at as they read, if they happen

to think the thing is 
perfectly ok.>

<I am pretty sure that Lewis was drawing on 
Nesbit anyway. Witness _The New 
>Treasure Seekers_: "Father knows a man called 
Eustace Sandal. I do not know how 
>to express his inside soul, but I have heard 
father say he means well.....>

However Nesbit as a Fabian would have likely
known these kind of folk as fellow travellers
whereas Lewis I think did not. Moreover  we are
seeing them from a child's eye pov which softens
things a bit!

Minnow on muesli
<I can remember when that was
definitely regarded as "crank food" by almost 
everyone, including anyone
who had been lumbered with it as the only thing 
available for breakfast
at the houses of well-meaning healthy-living 
aunts.  It can be as
balanced and healthy as it likes, if one doesn't 
happen to like meusli
it might just as well be sawdust with chewy bits 
in, particularly if
it's served with skimmed milk.>

Yes, how I have tried and tried to like muesli. I
know it would be good for my health and all that
but it's everything you say above. These days I
just stick to porridge and have my fruit and nuts


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