characters who reverse images of good and evil

Judith Ridge Judith.Ridge at
Sun Dec 19 22:19:30 EST 2004

Isn't the reason none of the examples people are coming up with are exactly
what Jackie's student is saying about characters in HP because in all these
other books (and movies etc) there is complexity and ambiguity in the
characterisations that is lacking in Rowling's villains? I am not going to
over-generalise much, because I gave up in despair and disappointment after
HP2, but the whole "nyah nyah, Snape's not a baddy after all, tricked you!"
of HP1 was one of the (many) things that made me want to hurl the book
across the room. (Only I didn't because I venerate The Book even if I loathe
the book...) I thought it was a cheap trick and not even worthy of the title
"red herring". 


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