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Oh, Lewis was *deffinitely* springboarding off of Nesbit. I wouldn't be 
surprised if she wasn't one of his favorite authors when he was a boy. He was born 
in '98 and her career was just getting off the ground about then. But I get a 
distinct impression from his work that once he reached the point of 
considering himself "grown up" he not only didn't read a lot of stories written for 
children (unless the author was a personal friend of his), but would have scorned 
the idea that there were adults who did.

Consequently, when he came to write them, his style was 30 years out of date 
and an anachronism when compared to a lot of what was being published 
concurrently. So was Tolkein's in The Hobbit,for that matter.

Still, I haven't made a close study of the man's life and could be completely 
off in left field.
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