Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Sun Dec 19 15:16:46 EST 2004

Gili said...

> I'm not keeping up with the discussion on the list, much as I'd like to. 
> But
> I do feel I ought to apologize to Dorian, I didn't mean to come off half 
> as
> snippy as I may have, and the "obviously super-intelligent" bit was meant 
> in
> all sincerity. This particular discussion is pushing some of my hot 
> buttons,
> that's all it is.
> In other words, I meant nothing personal when I jumped all over you, 
> Dorian:
> it's just the result of years of conditioning to pounce on particular 
> kinds
> of flaws in particular kinds of arguments.
>Please accept my apology.

Oh, accepted, completely.  As I said, when I wrote the post in question, I 
was intending a slightly sarcastic tone to begin with followed by a fairly 
non-biased, make-of-this-what-you-will presentation; either that didn't come 
off, or the whole thing pushed your buttons anyway.  (And I have my own 
buttons, I know it - just ask anyone who's referred to "books destroying 
rain-forests" in my presence!)

Your reaction did seem to me to be "snippy", but since *my* tone didn't come 
off as intended, I'm happy to accept that what I perceived as your tone was 
also unintended.  (Though I do think calling me "super-intelligent" is 
pushing it; "intelligent" I'll admit to, but "super-"?  I'm not that 

Anyway, yes, I did think you were being unwarrantedly nasty, but I don't 
think that any more.  Thank you for explaining.


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