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Sun Dec 19 11:38:09 EST 2004

Sorry, I wasn't using the template.

Married/Partnered: No.

Offspring (human) - No - though I used to tell the kids in the library that I 
had 3000 kids and didn't need any more.

Offspring (other) - two felines: male tuxedo (with one white spot on his 
back), Domino, aka Fatstuff. Female: tortie or calico - black and white and brown 
- Lemon Chutney. 11 years old?  Related animals: two dachshunds belonging to 
my housemate, who bark at me when I go into her room: Demidapple, small, 
elegant black female with confectioner's sugar sprinkle while on head, Magpie, fat 
almost beagle-like dapple. Both ex-breeders, 8 yrs old. Not well socialized.

I think that's all the pertinent info. Um - 5'8", dark curly hair with more 
silver in it than I like, glasses, a bit overweight.

Devra Langsam
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