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Name: Devra Langsam

Home:  Brooklyn NY USA

Age: 61 next February

What I do when not playing around here: Run a small mail order/convention 
book business selling historical cookbooks, costume books, mysteries, and 
juvenile fantasy that I like (DWJ and Duane, mostly). Retired kids' librarian and 
happy to be so. Read a lot.  Bake a bit, sell at SCA events. Run a couple of 
dealers' rooms for SF cons.

First DWJ: Power of Three, bought at the Foyle's Children's Bookstore in 1975

Favorite DWJ (how is this possible?) Deep Secret, Power of Three, Howl

Least Favorite: The Dalemark Quartet, Aunt Maria (aka 'The Stepford Wives for 
Kids'), the short stores (not her strongest area)

Favorite music - classical, wall music, soft jazz  - nothing very loud except 

Favorite TV show - used to be a very die-hard Classic Trekkie, now watch 
mostly Animal Planet and Food Network

What I'm reading now: Close Kin (Dunkel), Elizabeth Lynn's new Dragon book, 
Margaret Ball's new book.  Waiting for new DWJ and new Bujold in spring

Favorite Authors: As mentioned before. Also early Bradley, Andre Norton, Mr. 
Revere & I (R Lawson), Hilary McKay (The exiles, Saffy's Angel), Beverly 
Cleary, Enright, some David Drake, some Harry Turtledove. Tanya Huff.  I liked the 
first 'Lady in Gil', but not the others. 

     Devra (aka Devra the Baker)

Devra Langsam
devra at
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