Re Old Farts

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at
Sun Dec 19 11:32:15 EST 2004

Dorian, then Margaret:

> It really feels quite odd to be one of a group of friends where I am
> *not* one of the oldest!
My sentiments exactly!
For a long time, due to having skipped some grades and stuff, I was
always the youngest person in a group.

I've had this too. For several years I grew younger and younger: being born
in October I was always one of the younger kids at school, until I skipped a
grade and became younger still, and because of that was too young right
after highschool to go into my military service with all the other Israelis,
so I went to University instead with people who were at least three or four
years older than me. Several years later I came to the states and was an old
fart at 22 surrounded by all the 18 year olds at college. Now I'm in the
awkward position of employing babysitters older than myself, who look up to
me for advice on things like career and family and education, as if I were
older, because they're in a "younger" stage of their lives. It might sound
like an odd thing to say, but I've always felt older than my age. I hope the
same thing happens to me that happened with my reading habits: I'm still
mostly reading the same kinds of books now that I did when I was seven or
eight. So I hope I'll always be 30, even when I'm 70.


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