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Mine was a boarding school at which the boarders had no access to
computers outside school hours. I don't mean that Latin is not useful -
I'm glad I did it - but my IT skills, such as they are, have been
acquired piecemeal and on the job. I am now finding that many employers
want bits of paper to "prove" one knows how to use Word or whatever.

I can't imagine having to teach myself a lot about computers because at 
school they started us learning to type at around 11 years old and we have to take 
computer classes in middle and high school. I love making fun of my dad 
because he does the whole typing with two fingers searching for the letters thing. 
It becomes very frusterating to watch though. Actually, this year my school is 
trying this new thing some of the other schools have tried where all the 
freshmen (9th graders) had to get laptops and they use them to take notes on and do 
other things with. They also are trying to get the majority of the textbooks 
on CDs to go along with the laptops. I'm not really sure how it's going but 
from what I've seen it looks like a pain to have to carry them everywhere and 
all the kids just play Halo or Tetris during class, though I hear the teachers 
are getting really good at knowing when they are doing this or not. They are 
also expensive too. 
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