School systems (was dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #929

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sat Dec 18 14:18:45 EST 2004

>As this is incredibly OT I don't want to go into great
>depth here. While I agree that these are motives in
>some cases, there are very few private schools where
>the facilities are greatly better than in government
>schools. The majority of private school students go to
>local Catholic schools, or community Christian
>schools, where facilites are usually no better and
>often worse than government schools. Being somewhat
>familiar with standards in art in New South Wales
>schools, I would have to say that here at least
>Government schools do much better than private ones.
>There are many reasons why people send children to
>private schools but most are based on perception
>rather reality unless one has very large ammounts on
>money to spend sending a child to an elite private
>school (and here a couple of them have been dragged
>through the courts in the last few weeks). Of course
>as a teacher in a government school is just possible
>that I may be a teensy bit biased - naah, probably

I was just thinking that my experience is based not on the Catholic System 
but on the top 4 elite schools in Melbourne. These are places where the 
external perception of snobbery is probably much greater; the assumptions 
about quality of teaching and facilities are reasonable, though.


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