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Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Sat Dec 18 14:00:12 EST 2004

When this topic came up, I thought of what DWJ said when I heard her 
speaking at a conference a couple of years ago; she said that some of her 
characters in different books were the same base person (I paraphrase!), 
which person might or might not be a Real Life person as well.

Anyway, I think I've just found another one (pair) of those.

After the recent discussion, I just *had* to reread "Deep Secret", and it 
occurred to me as I neared the end of it this evening that Nick and Howl are 
the same person.  Both sweetly selfish and both accomplished 
slitherer-outers.  Howl seems to have got the flamboyant part of that 
person; I can't really see Nick doing green slime, but Nick has got more of 
the care for others; I equally can't really see Howl giving up his Babylon 
wish for someone else (at least, not before he gets his heart back...).

This may have been suggested before, of course, in which case I can only 
apologise and say that I missed it and am currently feeling all clever for 
having spotted it.  (Am also wondering how I missed seeing Neil Gaiman at 
the opening ceremony of PhantasmaCon before!)


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