A little more Deep Secret for Ika (Was: Re: Favourites/ Least favourites)

ROSLYN rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Sat Dec 18 05:50:54 EST 2004

Hallie wrote:

> Ika asked why people put Deep Secret near the top of their favourite 
> lists, and all sorts of wonderful replies were forthcoming, with which I 
> agreed heartily.  But I've been thinking about it a quite a bit and 
> realised there was still more which influenced its being one of my 
> favourites, so am belatedly tossing my 2 cents in too.
> Basically, I'm just a romantic sap, *if* the romance feels true to me 
> (sentimental drivel doesn't work!), and Rupert and Maree are one of my 
> favourite DWJ couples.  I love the funny, antagonistic Elizabeth/Darcy 
> beginning, especially as it's seen from 'the inside' - and how wonderful 
> it is to see Rupert's admission of his Pygmalion fantasy about Maree!  I 
> love Rupert's uptightness and Maree's prickliness  and their getting to 
> unbend a bit over the books at the con.  I love the fact that she says the 
> 'unforgivable thing' to Rupert, and knows it was unforgivable and is sorry 
> for having done it - neither of these two is remotely close to being a 
> cardboard cut-out - and especially not a cut-out romantic hero/heroine. 
> Most of all I love the part after she's been stripped.  Rupert's 
> realisation of the level of his feeling for her is so wonderfully 
> portrayed.  I love that he thinks about her until he sees her completely, 
> and part of what he sees is that 'she saw deep into things.'  And I love 
> the way the journey to Babylon is based on such a subtle blend of 
> self-reliance and complete mutual need and trust.   How true is that? 
> Without its being the least bit in your face about it, it's also cool that 
> it's Rupert who stays waiting (literally keeping the home fires burning) 
> while Maree 'looks beyond'!  And then she comes back and is transformed, 
> but by being totally herself - filling her own outlines. Great stuff...

I'm going to be completely wet and wimpy here and say that this expresses 
exactly how I feel, and that, taken together with what others have said 
about _Deep Secret_, I have very little to add! Someone's probably already 
this said, but one of the coolest things about it is the whole concept of 
Magids and the multi-universe (and it's _Deep Secret_'s connection with _A 
Sudden Wild Magic_ in this regard that I like about the latter). I just 
think she's got just about everything right in  _Deep Secret_, which doesn't 
mean that I don't think she's got it right in her other books also.

As for why I put _Eight Days of Luke_ in my least favourite category, 
together with _Dogsbody_ , it's basically because I haven't read either of 
them for a long time, and that in turn because for some reason they haven't 
yet attached themselves to me as strongly as some of the others. They didn't 
grab me as immediately, strongly and indelibly. But that could change with 


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