characters who reverse images of good and evil

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On Fri, 17 Dec 2004, jackie e stallcup wrote:
|My student is also arguing that Harry is not the classic "hero" but I
|think that he's just the classic "underdog" and that there are lots of
|characters like him.  He points out that Hermione is not the "ideal"
|female as traditionally depicted, but I think she's a classic "studious

Yes and yes!  Harry is Garion is Gair is young Sparrowhawk.  Hermione is
Nan is what's-her-name from the Perilous Gard is Ella Enchanted.

[Answering your other question requires spoilers for, um, Fellowship of
the Ring, the Belgariad, Ender's Game, His Dark Materials, the Black
Company, Dragonlance, and The Queen of Attolia.  Pretty much by
definition, alas...]

spoiler space

As for the other question, having just watched RotK:EE on my friend's
enormous television 20 minutes ago I'd have to say Saruman in a big way.
Also Zakath from the Belgariad, the Hive Queen from Ender, Lord Asriel,
the Lady from the Black Company, all Madeline Brent key villains (who
often seem like love interests) and some love interests (who often spend
much of the book looking like villains), Raistlin from Dragonlance, the
Queen of Attolia, and most Zelazny characters who aren't the protagonist
and his girlfriend.

In cases where the reader knows and the character doesn't, there's most
villains from Joan Aiken, Roger from the Tortall books, Mrs. Coulter ...
I could go on.

What is an 'evil shape', I wonder?  Could a triangle be evil, for
example?  Are some kind of triangles decent and God-fearing,
whereas others are treacherous and inclined to furtive sodomy?
And could you tell that from the 'shape'?
		-- Philip Pullman, "The Republic of Heaven"

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