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On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 JOdel at aol.com wrote:

> > Well, I can think of plenty of examples of "good cop who turns out to be
> > the bad guy"--that's a staple of action movies, of course.  But I'm having
> > trouble with examples of the other way around:  appears to be bad, is revealed to
> > be good.
> >
> Er, the wizard Howl? How far into the book does the big denoument have to be?
> Only at the very end, or can it be only part way in? (Sophie spent an awful
> long time looking for the maidens' hearts.)
> The Dorig? (Especially the King.) The banus?

Semi-Chrestomanci, in Charmed Life. Scales in Dark Lord. Torquil? Heh,
kind of Maree and Rupert, to each other. Although, like Chrestomanci,
that's simply Being Misunderstood, instead of "ooh, hey, that person's
evil! ...no, wait..." The Petrocchis? Estelle, in the nasty-child way, not
the actual villany way.

...yes, I think this type happens in DWJ books.

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