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Fri Dec 17 18:21:35 EST 2004

the Knowledge Pika suggested:

>> Yes, I think it's his unease about women and his distrust of change that
>> irritate me most about him as well, and the way he mocks certain ideas as
>> if they were inherently stupid, unable to see that this was merely his
>> subjective reaction rather than anything objective. The way he is scathing
>> about vegetarianism and coeducation in _Voyage of the Dawntreader_  is a
>> good example.
>Well, actually it's The Silver Chair where it's clear he's mocking the
>philosophies, not just the people embracing them. (And to be fair, there
>seem to have been an awful lot of 'quite queer people' embracing that
>sort of thing with a missionary fervor in those days, so even the nicest
>writers of that period have little sympathy for that sort of thing.

These days they just murmur "Her?  She knits her own wholemeal sandals" and
leave it at that?


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