anyone speak Hungarian?

Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Fri Dec 17 14:11:29 EST 2004

Helen asked...

> Does anyone on the list speak Hungarian? I have just done a rather silly
> thing. I was in a secondhand store recently and got a couple of little 
> ceramic
> cups with a mysterious saying on them. Through Googling I am pretty sure 
> that it
> must be Hungarian, but that's it. I was going to give them to my husband 
> just
> for fun, but I don't want to do that without knowing what they say. The 
> words
> are, if I am transcribing correctly, "Igyal, Igyal, engem is kinalj!" with
> acute accents over the A in Igyal and kinalj.

Heh.  I tried the on-line dictionaries too, but the best I could come up 
with from them was something like "hurrah, hurrah, give me too", which 
doesn't really make a whole heap of sense.

If you can wait a few days, it's probable that a Hungarian ex-employee will 
be at our work Xmas do on Thursday night, and I could ask her then - or 
maybe there's still a phone number for her in the Black Book.

My Teach Yourself Hungarian book seems to have gone walkies. :-(


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