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Wed Dec 15 15:17:45 EST 2004

Gili replied to me...

> I don't find it the least bit surprising, nor the least bit interesting,
> other than that a clearly super-intelligent person like yourself is no 
> less
> susceptible to the classic pitfalls than any random person on the street.

Ooh, snippy.  I did mention in an earlier post that I got bored with 
astrology several years ago.  The post you're replying to was based on what 
I remembered, and was intended as a piece of mild amusement (perhaps I 
should have made that clearer; the "isn't that interesting" remark was 
intended mildly sarcastically, but may not have come across that way), and 
was *supposed* not to betray any bias towards or against astrology. 
Possibly the fact that I posted it at all implied a bias towards, though.

For the record, I *don't* now think there's anything much in astrology, 
though I have had some interesting experiences with the Tarot.

> There are twelve signs. There are several ways of grouping these signs. 
> You
> can group them by Air, Fire, Water and Earth, or by Fixed, Cardinal and
> Mutable,  or by Young, Middle, Old, or by Singular and Dual, and probably 
> a
> whole variety of other ways I'm not familiar with. Take a group of 30 
> people
> at random, analyze their signs. Inevitably, some ways you try to group the
> signs will seem to form patterns, and others won't. Is this significant?

I would say, some ways you group the signs *do* form patterns - no seeming 
about it.  Whether those patterns are indicative of anything much is another 
matter entirely

> It's all up to the interpretation. When you don't see a clear grouping, 
> you
> say "ah, we're pretty balanced", a nice positive thing to say that doesn't
> *disprove* anything. When you do see a clear grouping, you read a meaning
> into it, as if that *does* prove anything.

You, generically, perhaps.  I just pointed out the groupings and refrained 
(or intended to refrain) from reading any significance into them.


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