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Thu Dec 16 07:04:22 EST 2004

Deborah asked:

> ObDWJ: Which DWJ teacher would you want teaching you?  Mr. Wentworth, Mr.
> Crossley, Corkoran, Flury, Dr. Wilander, Miss Bell, and on and on?  For
> me, Flury, no question.

Chrestomanci Chrestomanci Chrestomanci...

Ahem. Sorry. But seriously, I think he'd be an excellent theory teacher,
and since I am currently obsessively identifying with Cat Chant (and
continuing to try and work out my theory/narrative about what Cat's and
Christopher's relationship is like as Cat grows up and takes over as
Chrestomanci), I can't get any further in thinking about teaching in DWJ
than sitting myself down at a desk and getting distracted by
Chrestomanci's cufflinks...

Oh, though, my Head of Department is exactly like Corkoran - a charismatic
careerist who strolls into lectures, talks off the top of his head for an
hour, tells the students a lot of lies* and leaves it to the TAs to sort
out the misapprehensions they've been left with, then makes cutting
remarks about how dim the students are while marking 10 essays an hour.
And the students *love* it. They love contempt. It's very disheartening
and makes me feel like Adorno ("These young people, they all just want to
be told what to do! In my day etc etc etc"). I'm just waiting for Elda and
Lukin to show up.

Love, Ika

*Sample: "In Greek, there is the same word for 'writing' and 'painting'.
That word is 'pharmakon'."

"When God changes me into a dragon, people from all walks of life will
admire me and listen to what I have to say for once in my life. Nobody
wants to listen to a scared little boy with glasses, but everyone likes
- The confusing theology of Molatar (www.molatar.com/index.htm)
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