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Emma Comerford emmaco at tpg.com.au
Wed Dec 15 18:50:33 EST 2004

Quoting Liina <liina.poropudas at gmail.com>:

> > Well, I'm doing my first full re-read of Bujold's Miles books and I'm
> > in heaven. I "like" most of them, but I'm reading "Memory" right now
> > and I "love" this one. This is the one that has more turned down
> > corners (so I can find my favorite quotes) than any of the others.
> Funny, that's exactly what happened to me :) Memory was sort of The
> Bujold Book for me. I was reading it when walking to work and actually
> having to work was sheer torture.
> I had borrowed it from the local library, planning to save some money.
> The plan then spectacularly failed as I immediately had to buy
> everything by Bujold. So there are dangers. But it was worth it.

Me too! I enjoyed a couple of the earlier books first, but I absolutely fell for Memory. Sadly it was just 
before a 2 month backpacking trip so I couldn't read any others until I got back :)

I enjoy Mirror Dance for similar reasons as Memory. But I also adore A Civil Campaign, for the same 
reasons as Robyn (?) - it's reminiscent of other authors I love and is so funny! Which is why I felt a bit let 
down by Diplomatic Immunity. I liked it, but it felt like one of the earlier books.

Emma (who should really be working on auction theory rather than thinking about LMB)
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