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On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 11:44:55 EST, HSchinske at aol.com wrote:

>In a message dated 12/15/04 5:13:13 AM Central Standard Time, Melissa writes:
>> What I hate about online
>> purchasing of used books is that the shipping just about kills any chance
>> you have of saving money.  I was really disappointed when ABE went to the
>> new format of buying books through them instead of contacting sellers
>> directly.  Okay, not hugely disappointed; it does make buying multiple books
>> from multiple vendors a lot easier.  However, as I discovered when looking
>> into buying from a UK vendor, ABE charges through the nose for international
>> shipping.  I know darn well that it doesn't cost that much.
>The dealers do NOT necessarily actually charge as much as the standard 
>shipping ABE slaps on there when giving you an estimate. Always ask the dealer about 
>cheaper shipping options, especially for paperbacks, which are of course 
>lighter than average.
>The other option is of course to just email the dealer directly when you want 
>to buy a book from them. ABE hasn't eliminated that option.

I realize that, but their interface has made it a lot less obvious.  They're
really pushing their own shipping service now.  I bet most people don't
realize that the "ask seller a question" button leads them to being able to
deal directly with the seller.  And you do have to talk to the seller if you
want that lower shipping rate; ABE doesn't make the correction for a lighter
load.  And then of course they charge some for the service, as they should.

At any rate, I can see the advantage to the new system, with the single
shopping cart and not having to send your payment information to multiple
vendors.  But it's good to have the other option as well, and I think new
users aren't as aware of it as they could be.

(Well, duh, actually, since ABE wants to make money and does so the same way
other vendors do--shipping and service charges.  So they would rather you
bought through them.)

Melissa Proffitt

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