Homeward Bounders

mecha godscylla mechagodscylla at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 15 13:01:19 EST 2004

>   Someone has probably mentioned this before but.... when the tv show
>Sliders 1st came out, I immediately thought of Homeward Bounders.  I was
>convinced that someone who proposed the idea had read the book.
>   -Jill
>   I don't remember any discussions here, but for what it's worth, I always
>thought so too.

Hey good point. I didn't see enough of the show to know more than that they 
were 'walking the bounds.'  Was there a Them in the show? I think my 
thoughts when I come across parallel worlds or multiverse concepts run, 'hey 
its the magids nudging us ayewards!'


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