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Chris Dollin eh at
Wed Dec 15 11:38:28 EST 2004

On Friday 10 Dec 2004 4:43 am, Katie Meyers wrote:
> > Someone mentioned A College of Magics by Caroline Stevermer and the
> > title sounds vaguely familiar to a book I read a long time ago.
> >
> > Can anyone who has read it more recently confirm or deny if it has a
> > very rushed ending that doesn't flow quite the way the rest of the book
> > did ?
> I'd say you're definitely thinking of the right book.  I thought the
> ending was strange.  Actually, I thought the whole book had an
> unsettling tone to it.  When I finished the book I wasn't sure whether
> I liked it or not, but it made me think.  I like other Stevermer books
> better, but she's not one of my favorites.

Strange. I didn't think the ending was rushed - I think the book accelerates
all the way through, the speed at the end is its natural speed. 

Someone said "forced" romance. I didn't see anything particularly forced
about it, and the book's end-state seemed appropriate enough - they
still have problems to solve ...

Chris the Hedgehog
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