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Wed Dec 15 06:29:42 EST 2004

Ika wrote:
 I can't imagine how *Eight Days of Luke* could be anyone's least favourite 
> DWJ, or *Deep Secret* anyone's favourite, for example: can anyone who 
> listed those two elaborate on *why*? I'd be deeply fascinated.)

I think my answer will probably be less thought-out than other peoples' who have already talked about Deep Secret, because it really boils down to "I just *like* it!" When compared to, say, Sudden Wild Magic (just because that's another adult one), I remember it with greater fondness and am more eager to reread it. I enjoy any of the DWJs a lot as I am reading them, so I think my answer to the favourites question was based on which ones I most enjoy in retrospect; the more painful ones, like Homeward Bounders, or the ones that "feel" less magical to me, like Dark Lord, are not my favourites. 
In fact I think my fondness for Deep Secret probably has a lot to do with liking the feeling and atmosphere of the book; the con, and Rupert's brother's farm, and the road to Babylon. Also the ghost, and Rupert being thwarted, and... well, the only bad things about the book are the bits that are *supposed* to be bad, like the Empire. DWJ seems not to put a foot wrong anywhere.

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