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Wed Dec 15 06:08:43 EST 2004

Dorian wrote:

>Now, isn't that interesting?  Of those of us who have admitted, Fire signs
are in the majority (10 of us) followed by Air signs (8 of us) - and of
those, the traditionally-considered "younger" signs (Aries and Gemini,
respectively) are not represented at all!  Likewise, the Earth signs (of
which we have fewest - just!) are at the "middle-to-elder" end of the range,
but the Water signs are mostly "young".

And we have 9 "fixed" (i.e. stubborn) signs (the Leos and Aquarians), 8
"cardinal" (bossy) signs (the Cancers, Libras and the Capricorn), and 8
"mutable" (adaptable) signs (the Virgos, Sagittarians and the Pisces) - so
we're pretty balanced that way.

Those who care may find Deep Significance in the fact that this list is
dominated by show-off-y and communicatory, who's going to
> correlate most frequent posters with zodiac signs...? :-)

I don't find it the least bit surprising, nor the least bit interesting,
other than that a clearly super-intelligent person like yourself is no less
susceptible to the classic pitfalls than any random person on the street.
There are twelve signs. There are several ways of grouping these signs. You
can group them by Air, Fire, Water and Earth, or by Fixed, Cardinal and
Mutable,  or by Young, Middle, Old, or by Singular and Dual, and probably a
whole variety of other ways I'm not familiar with. Take a group of 30 people
at random, analyze their signs. Inevitably, some ways you try to group the
signs will seem to form patterns, and others won't. Is this significant?
It's all up to the interpretation. When you don't see a clear grouping, you
say "ah, we're pretty balanced", a nice positive thing to say that doesn't
*disprove* anything. When you do see a clear grouping, you read a meaning
into it, as if that *does* prove anything. I find the whole excercise
pointless and rather irritating. But then, as already stated, I'm a Libra.


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