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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Wed Dec 15 03:25:04 EST 2004

I don't even know where to start with this, except that those darn Frenchies
always have been obsessed with cake.

Melissa Proffitt

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 23:13:33 -0500 (EST), deborah wrote:

>|>Yes, I wonder that more people aren't overjoyed by the gift of esoteric
>|>knowledge, and begin edging away when I start talking about deconstruction.
>|>I wonder if little Derrida cookies would be better received?
>No, cake:
>   Jacques Derrida died yesterday. We threw a Deathday Party to
>   undermine the hegemonic life/death binary but for some reason
>   everybody was still kinda sad.
>   "I don't get it," says me. "How could Derrida die? He was a social
>   construct."
>   "True," says Giblets. "Nothin is outside the text, includin Derrida."
>   "Then he couldn't die," says me. "After all if he did he would be
>   reinforcin the hegemonic Dead Derrida/Live Derrida binary."
>   "We must deconstruct Derrida's death!" says Giblets. "Beginning by
>   inverting the priveleged duality! Derrida is alive!"
>   "He's stuffin his face with cake right now over there!" says me.
>   "Mmmfff," says Derrida. "Waffff uppppf fellaf."
>   "Derrida stop eatin all our cake!" says Giblets. "That cost good
>   money!"
>   Man that Derrida's always been a greedy bastard.
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>"I don't want to know what the structuralists think!  I want to
>know what you think!"  -- Archer's Goon, Diana Wynne Jones

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