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Tue Dec 14 23:13:33 EST 2004

|>Yes, I wonder that more people aren't overjoyed by the gift of esoteric
|>knowledge, and begin edging away when I start talking about deconstruction.
|>I wonder if little Derrida cookies would be better received?

No, cake:


   Jacques Derrida died yesterday. We threw a Deathday Party to
   undermine the hegemonic life/death binary but for some reason
   everybody was still kinda sad.

   "I don't get it," says me. "How could Derrida die? He was a social

   "True," says Giblets. "Nothin is outside the text, includin Derrida."

   "Then he couldn't die," says me. "After all if he did he would be
   reinforcin the hegemonic Dead Derrida/Live Derrida binary."

   "We must deconstruct Derrida's death!" says Giblets. "Beginning by
   inverting the priveleged duality! Derrida is alive!"

   "He's stuffin his face with cake right now over there!" says me.

   "Mmmfff," says Derrida. "Waffff uppppf fellaf."

   "Derrida stop eatin all our cake!" says Giblets. "That cost good

   Man that Derrida's always been a greedy bastard.

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