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> I was completely traumatised by this policy when I was in grade 6. There 
> was a very big, very stupid boy who bullied me, and one day I got stuck on 
> a desk with him and was told to help him with his reading. It was horrific.
Even without such problems, other kids who know the subject aren't 
necessarily ideal tutors anyway. There was a girl in my daughter's class last year who 
as far as I could tell had dyslexia, or some other processing problem. She was 
bright and imaginative, but couldn't write properly at all, and had terrible 
troubles with math (just getting the problem written down without an error was 
difficult for her). I was incensed when I found that my daughter was ending up 
helping her most days. This kid needs a professional tutor who can 
disentangle what she's having trouble processing and work with her considerable visual 
skills, fostering mental math and using pictures and manipulatives and all 
that. *I* would have trouble meeting her needs as a math tutor. She most certainly 
does NOT need my daughter's confused, wordy, nine-year-old explanations. 
(Sophia's pretty good at math, but explaining math in words is very, very far from 
being her strong point.)

Helen Schinske
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