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Katie Meyers kgmeyers at
Tue Dec 14 20:40:58 EST 2004

Minnow said:
<There was one
person once (a doctor who not only said "you are calcium deficient, 
why your spine is collapsing, you must drink more milk" and when she had
carefully explained that she was lactose intolerent and couldn't drink 
or eat any milk products said "well then you must eat more cheese", but
also in order to demonstrate to her, ten weeks after she had been 
major surgery to reconstruct the lower part of her spine, that there was
Nothing Wrong With Her Back She Was Just Making A Fuss, leant on the 
of her back in an emphatic way with one hand.... thus setting her 
back by probably several months ...) whom she swore she would put into a
book and take the opportunity to write a really thorough hatchet job and
also have someone tell him what she really thought of him, and then have
him run down by a stampeding elephant that trod heavily on the base of 
spine.  I don't *think* she has done it, though.>

I seem to remember her saying somewhere on the site that she had put a horrible 
doctor from when she was having surgery into one of her books.  I think 
I remember she said it was Wermacht, which would make sense because he 
did the same sort of thing to Claudia.

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