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Sally Odgers sodgers at dodo.com.au
Tue Dec 14 20:02:25 EST 2004

  It really is a pity that public schools can't or don't work
> toward very small classes.

I did a job in a school that had 17 kids in one class last year. It was the
worst teaching experience of my life. Of the 17 kids, 15 had very severe
behavioural problems. The unfortunate two who didn't had no chance to do
anything. The others wouldn't let them concentrate. These kids yelled,
swore, threw things, threatened the teacher and ignored everything I said.
Their teacher was the 10th they'd had that year... and before you say "no
wonder they're screwed up" let me say I believe the number of teachers is
the RESULT, not the cause.

I would have believed they couldn't help it if I hadn't seen what happened
when the LOTE teacher entered. She came in on the wrong day, and appeared
3/4 of the way through my session. Those &*&^% kids immediately sat down and
faced front.
I left them to it.

Later, I asked the teacher why they behaved for her but not for either of
us. He just said; "They don't like us."

He'd been teaching them for a week, I'd met them that day.  Naturally, not
all small classes are bad news. It isn't the number of kids in the class,
it's the number of difficult ones!


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