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Sally Odgers sodgers at dodo.com.au
Tue Dec 14 19:40:45 EST 2004

> So okay, here in America we pretend that we don't sort anybody and we
> shove all kids through a 12-year academic curriculum aimed at preparing
> them for college. And you know, that's not such a great idea either.

I met something like that back in the 1970s, Margaret. Because I was in the
top stream at primary school, I wqas put in the top stream of all my high
school subjects (I was just 12 at the time). That's why I failed maths
completely. No one could believe that I was incapable of doing anything
except "practical" maths because I was getting credits in my other classes.
Now if they'd just let me go to Level 1 instead of Level 3, I'd have passed.

Later my daughter was doing Level 3 English. She just missed getting a pass
at the top level (because she's diabetic and passed out in the exam and they
wouldn't let her re-take it because GASP she'd seen the questions) and so
she got a Distinction at Level 2. They didn't have that option when I was at

ODWJ - I wonder how one would stream Magic?


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