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Tue Dec 14 19:02:51 EST 2004

Kyla wrote:

>On Tue, 14 Dec 2004, Ika wrote:
>> Least favourite DWJ: A Sudden Wild Magic; Deep Secret; Fire & Hemlock.
>> Though Jenny tells me that *Crown of Dalemark* is going to be my least
>> favourite when I read it, which I am procrastinating over as apparently I
>> am not going to like what she does to Moril, and Moril is *me*.

>And is the "she" in question DWJ? I'm not sure it's fair to say that she
>"does things" to her characters. I occasionally get annoyed at other
>authors for "doing things" to their characters, but that's when there are
>unreasonable plot twists and people doing utterly stupid things that are
>completely out of character. DWJ characters, on the other hand, might have
>nasty things happen to them, but it's not that she's sitting there evilly
>cackling about how miserable she can make them (at least I wouldn't think
>so--Minnow, care to comment? ;^), it's that that's how life goes.

Was that a challenge? :-)  No, I don't think she cackles much, at least,
only when she is Plotting Terrible Revenge in Real Life (OMT), but she
never seems actually to *do* the things she has plotted...   There was one
person once (a doctor who not only said "you are calcium deficient, that's
why your spine is collapsing, you must drink more milk" and when she had
carefully explained that she was lactose intolerent and couldn't drink milk
or eat any milk products said "well then you must eat more cheese", but
also in order to demonstrate to her, ten weeks after she had been through
major surgery to reconstruct the lower part of her spine, that there was
Nothing Wrong With Her Back She Was Just Making A Fuss, leant on the small
of her back in an emphatic way with one hand.... thus setting her recovery
back by probably several months ...) whom she swore she would put into a
book and take the opportunity to write a really thorough hatchet job and
also have someone tell him what she really thought of him, and then have
him run down by a stampeding elephant that trod heavily on the base of his
spine.  I don't *think* she has done it, though.

If she "made things happen" to "her characters", rather than allowing
herself to be the medium through which what happened to them got narrated,
she probably wouldn't have bits of book around that never got any further
because she couldn't find out what happened next in them; she'd just decide
what ought to happen and write it, I'd've thought.

>American-style iced tea is the perfect drink for a hot, sunny
>day. It's never really caught on in the UK, probably because
>the last time we had a hot, sunny day was back in 1957.
>       --Tom Holt

This from the man who spent all last summer complaining bitterly because he
had to take gallons and gallons of water in jerrycans up the hill two miles
from his house to his smallholding every day because otherwise his pitiful
crops would all wither and die in the hot sun.  He really is one of
nature's born grumblers!  It was entirely his own fault anyway for not
checking before  he bought it that the plot he was planning to buy had
mains water access, and let that be a lesson to him that ex-solicitors
should never do their own conveyancing, so there.  And he wasn't even
*born* until 1961, so what would he know about 1957?

(Not that I don't love him dearly, 'cos I do, but he dunnarf overstate
things sometimes!)


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