OT: Bujold and "Memory"

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 14 18:26:20 EST 2004

>Well, I'm doing my first full re-read of Bujold's Miles books and I'm in 
>heaven. I "like" most of them, but I'm reading "Memory" right now and I 
>"love" this one. This is the one that has more turned down corners (so I 
>can find my favorite quotes) than any of the others.

I totally agree. Memory has the best moodswing of despair to triumph of any 
book ever.

>My favorite "sequence" of books is _Mirror Dance_, _Memory_, and _Komarr_. 
>I like the earlier books, but the Dendarii stuff thrills me less than this 
>transition period. I find the focus on Mark fascinating in _Mirror Dance_ 
>and the painful transition that Miles is going through (I'm about 1/3 of 
>the way through _Memory_ right now) riveting.

Agree again, although I am very fond of A Civil Campaign because of the 
whole Heyer/Sayers/Austen thing.


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