Talking to people who don't hear you (was DWJ quizzes)

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Tue Dec 14 18:13:50 EST 2004

>Or at the fabric store.
>Clerk: "What are you going to do with those, they don't go together?" 
><staring at array of red, magenta and fuchsia rayon threads>
>Me: "I'm going to machine-embroider ALL OF THEM on a quilt made up of lots 
>of shades of red silk."
>Clerk: "Oh, so that's what the red is for. What about the others?"

I'm so glad other people have this experience. When I was making my first 
quilt, based on a pattern in Kaffe Fassett's first patchwork book, the 
woman in the fabric store said, "These are all lovely fabrics, but you 
can't put them all in the same quilt". I wondered whether she knew 
something arcane about the fabric that escaped me, but no, she was being 
judgemental about pattern and colour combination.


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