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For example: there was no such thing as "Advanced Placement" in my day. I 
suspect that that is what used to be called "College Prep" back in my day. 
You can choose whether to take AP's or not so since I am good at history I am 
in AP Euro. Hist. but I dont like chemistry very much so instead of doing 
Honors I'm in normal (and can still try to take AP Biology next year). The only 
thing is that "advanced math" or Honors starts in 7th grade and then from that 
point on they are always a year ahead but one of my friends really wants to 
take Honors math next year so he is taking two math classes. So people can do it 
if they really want to....one is good enough for me. Of course getting into 
college is so impossible now you have to take a bunch of AP's, and play a 
sport, and do some arts thing, and start a club, all while having amazing grades 
and a good personality. Curing cancer might also help. ugh
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